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Elena Shipley

Canadian Certified Counsellor, #12610


Focus area: 

  • Youth Mental Health

  • Family Issues

  • Relationships

  • School Struggles

The Journey

Life is hard to figure out. At times it is confusing, irritating, or just plain awful. Sometimes it may feel like life is "off the rails", or like the world is against you. You may feel angry, hopeless, helpless, afraid, or confused. You may feel like nothing you do is right, like no one understands or cares what you are going through. It would be so much easier if someone would understand. If someone would walk beside you, listen to you, and help you find your way.

As a therapist, it is my role to be that someone. I listen without judgement to understand what you are going through, and work with you to help use your strengths in overcoming your obstacles. Together, we can help you feel empowered, help you feel in control of your life, find your confidence, and further develop your skills in navigating relationships and your mental health concerns.

I am passionate about working with youth. Whether you need help in navigating family issues, relationships, school, or a diagnosis, I am ready to join you and be your compass. Using a strength based, trauma informed approach, we can work through your road blocks. In therapy, I draw on Attachment theory, CBT techniques, Narrative Therapy, and Mindfulness. There is no "one size fits all" method to life, and the same applies to therapy.

The Guide

I have been lucky to work within a variety of fields since obtaining my MEd Counselling degree at the University of Ottawa. Working with children and youth who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ODD, and Attachment Disorders has been one of the most humbling experiences I could have imagined. I have since expanded my experience to working with parents and caregivers from an Attachment focused, trauma informed approach.

I currently live in Surrey, BC with my husband. We enjoy hiking the mountains of BC, running, trying new recipes in the kitchen, and lounging around with books and video games. We actively look for challenges to push ourselves to try new things and enjoy life to the fullest, whether it is taking courses, practicing photography, drawing, or playing music. I look forward to learning about you. For additional information about me, please visit my website below.


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Office Hours:



15 minute phone consult- free

50 minute session- $126

75 minute session- $189