2019 Upcoming Offerings

Our practitioners offer group counselling, as well as workshop and seminars in specialty areas


emotion coaching workshop

Information to come shortly.


Boundaries Group

You’ve heard the word “boundaries”, but picture that is about saying no to everyone and hurting their feelings. Boundaries are so much more! They create the opportunity to know yourself, why you do things, and why certain people and activities are important to you. Once you have healthy boundaries in your life, you have the opportunity to create healthy relationships as well. Join us for a 10-week group this Fall to learn more about boundaries and how they can help you.


CHronic Pain Group for Young Adults

Are you a young adult (ages 18-30) and struggling with chronic pain? Many young adults who have chronic pain feel isolated and find it hard to relate to their peers who don’t live with pain every day. This group will be for those who wish to better understand their pain, process how pain has changed their life in a non-judgmental and safe place, discover and learn useful coping tools, and develop a community of support. The group will run for 10 weeks and registration remains open until the minimum participant number is reached (12 persons). All chronic pain conditions welcome, must be able to attend group in person.